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NARUTO chapter 617 REVIEW



The Shinobi Alliance rallies!!!! …IN STYLE!

So this week’s chapter begins with the focus on Lee as he absorbs Naruto’s words from last week about keeping the ones we love who have fallen alive in our hearts. As the impassioned words lead Lee into a flashback (OH YES, our favorite plot device!) that basically recaps the important role Neji has had on Lee’s life as both a rival and a teammate. As Lee looks up towards the enemy who felled his friend, we can see Naruto’s words have given him closure and the strength to move forward with the fight.


Observing the Kyuubi Cloak of chakra that’s also encompassing him, Kakashi has a little flashback of his own to his mind-conversation with Shikaku before the destruction of HQ via Juubi Nuke. To sum it up, they basically discus the differentiation between chakra that is given willingly verses chakra that is taken by force, and it appears when chakra is GIVEN it is three times more powerful than chakra forcibly taken. To illustrate this point, it is explained that is how Kakashi was able to transport something as large as Gyuuki and Killer B with KAMUI having prior been WILLINGLY given chakra from Kurama. And I guess this makes a lot of sense because when something is willingly given, a special and positive bond passes between both parties, and that alone has a strength of its own. 


As Naruto continues to transfer more of Kurama’s chakra to his shinobi comrades, Kurama   has a moment of reflection all his own. Like Kakashi’s, it includes an explanation - in this case, how Naruto is able to transfer Kurama’s chakra at all. As Kurama thinks back to Minato and Kushina and how proud they would be of Naruto’s growth, he explains that Naruto has the ability to mould his (Kurama’s) chakra to match the individual chakra patterns of another person, thereby enhancing their natural abilities. Not only that, Naruto can do this on a very large scale. It’s impressive to say the least and definitely speaks to his Uzumaki heritage and the skills of his father.


This is an epic panel! And marks the official transition of the Shinobi Alliance from defensive strategies to offensive bitch-move-out-da-way. It appears the ENTIRE shinobi force has received a Kyuubi Cloak power up from Naruto and I’m sure from Madara and Obito’s position above they look like a blazing wildfire of chakra!


And Madara does seems impressed as he smirks and decides to finally step in and lend Obito a head freeing Juubi from the Nara Clan’s shadow immobilization jutsu. The arm/tails of the Juubi launch suddenly downward towards the Alliance but the Alliance is ready as Gyuuki, Mifune, Tenmari and members of the Hyuuga clan combine their jutsu in an attack that knocks away several of the tails. After a pause to hiss and steam, the tails continue their trajection and with great force bury themselves into the ground surround the Alliance, forming something that looks similar to a large cage. Obito take a moment to recognize this as a “cage” they are stuck in to “await [their] imminent death,” obviously in a continued attempt to demoralize moral. In the process he decides to insult the Hyuuga clan and Neji’s memory, but the taunting only serves as a rallying cry for Naruto and the Alliance as they begin their offensive against M & O.


As Naruto leads the front charging forward with a RANSENSHURIKEN, we get this nice little panel which serves to re-iterate that this battle, as it stands, is NARUTO vs OBITO; our HERO vs his FOIL, a battle of character rather than strength. Madara, Juubi, and the Alliance may be there, but during this last batch of chapters they have been secondary to these two characters and their similar but contrasting histories, choices and philosophies. Obito acts as a spring board for Naruto’s character, each time he is challenged by Obito he becomes mentally stronger - thus the reason for the term “foil”, and conversely the more interactions Obito has with Naruto the more he is thrown into doubt. We may not see this reaction strongly in Obito yet, but I believe Kishimoto has laid the landmines for it. When Obito’s time comes I think there is a strong chance he will experience an apotheosis, a redemption, as that is a prevalent theme in the manga… We’ll just have to wait and see where Kishi wants to take Obito’s character!


As the Shinobi Alliance charges forward en masse, the combined energy and light of their Kyuubi Cloaks takes the form of a bird as Naruto’s RASENSHURIKENS effectively slice through the “bars” of the Juubi-tail “cage”. OH THE SYMBOLISM! HOW they are flying up in the air like that is beyond me, but the image is effective in symbolizing Naruto and Alliance breaking free of the emotional and psychological drama dealt to them thus far by Obito and Madara.

As the charge moves forward, at the “beak” of the bird we see Naruto and Lee strategizing the next move, but before Naruto can throw the RANSENSHURIKEN in his right hand, his shoulder painfully reminds him that it is still out of place. But he doesn’t have to worry on it long for his pain does not go unnoticed by Hinata who is there in an instant and uses Gentle Fist to secure ball back into socket. To me, this came off as another NaruHina moments so seems like this couple is well on its way to canon. Sorry NaruANYONE-ELSE fans!


In a flash (literally, they’re glowing!) Naruto releases his RASENSHURIKEN on Obito and Lee at the speed of sound kicks clean though Madara’s mid-section, effectively severing both Uchiha’s connections to the Juubi, which is clearly the point of this whole assault as physical attacks are rather moot against these two characters. I enjoy the shock value of this panel but, is it just me or does Obito look REEEALLY derpy? Haha aaaaah okay, it’s just because his anatomy is a tad off in his legs and arm (sorry, going into grad student teacher mode) but it does lend a certain awkwardness at seeing our two bosses in such an unbecoming situation. xD (I should note Kishi is normally very accurate with his anatomy drawing). Regardless, it is nice to see Lee kicking through Madara as it was Neji’s death that affected himself and Naruto the most.

With the Uchiha duo untethered from their charge, the Alliance swarms around the side of the Juubi’s head like a colony of bees and forces it to cock to one side effectively launching Madara and Obito off and onto the ground where they are then joined by Naruto. As other shinobi fall in place beside him, Naruto declares to Obito the main difference between himself and his foil.



And with this nobel declaration we effectively transition back to Sasuke, PEDOchimaru and what’s left of Team Taka!!! Guess we didn’t have to wait that long after all, thanks Kishi!! It makes a lot of sense that this transition should come now as all the emotional lose ends on the main battlefield have been tied up allowing the story to focus for awhile on Sasuke in his search for “the truth”!


And from this panel it looks like the crew is facing away from an old shrine, perhaps the Naka Shrine where the Uchiha had a secret meeting space in the basement? Or maybe that’s the entryway into the Uchiha Clan’s old section of Konoha. And what’s up with those shoulders Oro?? HMMM, it’ll be nice to get some clarification next week!

Overall, this chapter was a’ight. It served primarily to bring emotional resolution to Naruto and thus the Shinobi Alliance and even left off with Madara and Obito seemingly “against the ropes.” We got a couple explanations and incites into chakra manipulation and Shikaku’s master plan and even some emotional drive as Lee comes to terms with Neji’s death and Kurama reflects on how proud Minato and Kushina would be of their son. The good guys’ resolve is back and the bad guys are on the ground, as opposed to riding atop a ginormous freak of nature. The truth and honor the Alliance embodies shines bright, LITERALLY through their Kyuubi Cloaks and they are free (for now) of O & M’s emotional and psychological hold. To top it off, we KNOW that next week will begin with Sasuke’s journey and that more answers and questions (of course) are on the way!

I give this chapter a RATING of:


Chapter gets a half Tobi for the exciting set up for next week! 

As always, what did you guys think of this chapter?? Feel free to let me know! :D 

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Oro is trying out for the Konoha Theatr production of Quasimoto - that’s why he’s walking around with pillows under his cloak to practice being in character. 

Sasuke and crew ARE in the old section of the village for the Uchiha Clan.

For his next trick, Kakashi KAMUI's the entire Shinobi Alliance.

With his Rinnegan and unlimited chakra, Madara TOO can transfer chakra around freely like Naruto. But that’s too mainstream now.

Till next week!!

BONUS(?): If you want to hear me talk even MORE about Naruto, here’s my video blog from earlier today. xD

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Oh goody! Now Juubi has MORE fodder ninja to laser beam into oblivion! Though I’d be surprised if any of the Konoha 11 actually die… A topic I’ll touch on later - but for now let’s take it from the top!!!

So this chapter opens right into the action as Killer B and Hachibi are making good on their sneak attack by firing a BIJUU BOMB at the Juubi! It looks like they’re aiming for its eye, and as this is the group’s last ditch effort all they can do is will it to stay its course.


Buuuuut, oh yeah. IT’S THE JUUBI.


Okay, who else literally LOL’d when they read that scene? xD Juubi is a BOSS, even if it isn’t complete. If I had to guess that flick was probably Madara’s doing as he snidely compares their would-be attackers to the buzzing of flies.

Meanwhile, Killer B and Hachibi can do little to dodge the return of their BIJUU BOMB while everyone can only watch as they take the hit full on.


But this duo isn’t the only one in trouble as Sage Mode Naruto senses another attack from the Juubi just in time to push his sensei away from a massive swinging tail.


Observing the action, Obito is reminded of the time he too saved Kakashi in a similar fashion.


Aaaah, I was wondering how long it was going to take before Obito started flashbacking again… The KING of Flashbacks has returned to defend his crown!!

As Obito looks on, Naruto’s self-sacrifice and desire to protect his comrades remind Obito of his younger self, a similarity we’ve noted before. For dynamic storytelling, having the protagonist (Naruto) and antagonist (Obito) share a similar back story generates sympathy for someone who is otherwise just “the bad guy.” It’s a popular technique famously applied as well in Harry Potter between said boy wizard and Lord Voldemort. The juxtaposition of these characters become a study of how choices effect our lives, and just as Voldy once felt Harry would follow in his footsteps for power, so too does Obito believe that Naruto is destined to become embitter about the world like himself.


As the Juubi’s tail strikes Sage Mode Naruto down he can only lament that the plan failed before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, revealing him to be a clone which Madara notes. Meanwhile, the real Naruto snatches Kakashi from the air with a Kurama energy hand before leaping behind a now crispy Killer B and Hachibi to slow their crash landing.

As the dust settles, Kurama’s energy form releases sending Naruto, Guy and Kakashi crashing to the ground.


We are reminded here that Naruto is supposed to have a time limit for his new chakra mode as it depends on Kurama’s stamina to maintain. Based on Kurama’s statement though, it appears he may have the potential to increase the duration of the mode, perhaps by increase his stamina through practice. I bet each time he and Naruto are in this mode, it can be maintained a minute or two longer than before.

What I can’t believe is that everything that happened while Naruto and Kurama were in this mode was over a period of 8 minutes!! wtf.


Settling down into a meditation stance Kurama begins to restore his chakra in a way that looks similar to how Naruto absorbs natural energy to activate Sage Mode, though I’m unsure natural energy is what Kurama is absorbing. He tells Naruto that they need to buy him some time to recoup, otherwise they stand even LESS of a chance against the Juubi, a fact Naruto accepts.

The scene switches to a battered and bloody Killer B as he returns to his natural self while Hachibi informs him that he too needs to take a breather to recoup chakra. Guy and Kakashi are also in a bad way as the former can barely lift his head to question why the latter can’t seem to move despite his chakra boost from Kurama earlier. But using KAMUI at such a large scale to transport Killer B and Hachibi has drained Kakashi back to his former low, he doesn’t even verbalize his respond. Overall, it’s a pretty sorry scene.


Obito notes that Kurama at least is out of their opponents’ grasp for now, which causes Naruto to glace over his shoulder defiantly. The group literally has nothing to offer now in retaliation against Madara and Obito, but this knowledge does little stop Naruto from falling back on the one defense he can still provide for his friends.


His signature move, the KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!

Madara, however, is quick to mock Naruto for falling back on this well used technique, which makes sense coming from a man that has an crazy arsenal of insanely powerful jutsu.

Kakashi calls Naruto back, reasoning that anything Naruto did would just be a temporary diversion with the end result most likely being his capture, and if THAT were to happen the war would be a total loss. Madara quickly steps in again and continues to smack talk.


(Bonus points if you know this reference!)

Realizing that Naruto doesn’t understand the “big words” Madara tends to employ in speeches, Obito steps in with the attitude of: I was once like you, so allow me to translate this into “stupid”. He clarifies that what Madara means is anything Naruto does is pointless and useless; That Naruto is a pawn like Obito was himself, and that one day he will become like just like him: a jaded, disillusioned, friend-zoned shinobi living in a cave with only strange plant-men for company. Naruto’s response is impassioned as he declares that will NEVER happen and his dream remains becoming Hokage.

It’s actually very symbolic that Naruto continues to hold up the KAGE BUSHIN hand seal while declaring his life-long dream. It reminds us of the many times he has done this before over the course of the series when confronted by a powerful enemy. Despite the dire reality of the situation, his faith in his dream and himself remains strong and becomes his greatest asset facing down the fear of death.


Perhaps Obito is showing a kind of empathy by promising Naruto this position in the “Dream World” as becoming Hokage was once his dream as well, playing off the fact that Obito now sees himself in Naruto.

Either way, Naruto is unsettled by this statement as Obito’s intent on removing him and his comrades is quickly personified by the Bijuu energy ball forming in the Juubi’s mouth. Though it is a “temporary” elimination in Obito’s eyes, Naruto and crew can do little but stare down their fate as the Juubi releases a massive Bijuu laser beam in their direction.


But something is interrupting Obito as a mysterious silhouette that looks suspiciously like Ino grabs his shoulder and directs his body slightly to the left. Obito is quick to shrug off the technique holding him but the damage is done. The laser misses its target and as the dust settles our heroes are still standing!


Their confusion is only temporary as their rescuers quickly drop in from the sky (somehow…)


And it’s confirmed that is WAS Ino who caused interference with the help of Hinata’s Byakygan, though I’m not quite sure how that worked out… Did Hinata just indicate where to aim? Either way, that’s twice now Hinata’s saved Naruto’s ass! He better marry her or something at the end of this. Or at least take her out on a date.


Hinata and Ino are quickly joined by their allies who appear to just… fall from the sky. Random, but I guess it makes for a dramatic entrance…

Upon landing, several shinobi immediately form a shield of mist to obscure the rapidly growing group while members of the Aburame clan release bugs to distort the amount of chakra present, making it very difficult for Madara and Obito to see exactly how many people are arriving on the battlefield.



All the old favorites are coming in for a landing!

Knowing that Sakura is intent on healing her damaged comrades Naruto is quick to direct her to heal Kakashi first.

The scene jumps to the Shinobi Alliance HQ as the sensing orb that monitors the pooling of chakra points dramatically in the direction of Naruto’s incoming support. Shikaku demands for confirmation of this and in a inpressive fashion, the 1st-5th Battalions, the Medical Squad and Sensing Squad all make their arrival on the battlefield.


Tired of the smoke screen, Obito and Madara whip a tail of the Juubi to clear the air but as they do so a Wind Element jutsu finishes the job as the shinobi alliance reveals itself in all its glory.


Wow, that is a really sweat panel!!

I love how Naruto is still holding up his hands in the hand seal of the KAGE BUSHIN, making it seems as if THIS ARMY is the true replication of his desire to win. That the number of his allies is the true estimation of his power. That this is the ultimate jutsu.

The chapter wraps up with Naruto declaring as much to Obito and Obito for the first time looking a little ill at ease…


Overall, this was a pretty good chapter! When I originally read the title I figured it might be a referenced to either the arrival of the newly restored Kages or the Konoha 11. I’ll admit I wasn’t quite expecting EVERYONE to show up to the party! But this just makes things more exciting, as the final showdown should be! I can only hope that we’ll get to see some more dramatic battles! Which brings up a growing restlessness I keep having.


This is the war of all ninja wars!! Yet no important characters have truly been killed! :| Not that I approve of bloodshed, but good stories always have significant sacrifices to drive the emotion of the readers and insert a level of believability to the plot. I’m having a hard time accepting the awfulness of this war because ain’t no one I care about dead! What would their stories be like if Sirius Black, Mufasa and Ned Stark hadn’t been offed?? Make me cry like a baby Kishi!!

Does anyone else get the feeling that Madara may have wanted a big audience like this to show off the Juubi’s power? Cuz really, we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Juubi. As I mentioned in the last review, Madara’s always been a bit of a show off; His philosophy seems to be, if you have it and you don’t flaunt it, what’s the point??

But we know how Kishimoto likes to skip battle scene when he thinks we’ve gotten the jist of what the fighting will be like… such as the last part of the Gokage vs Madara fight. I can very well see Kishi skipping to Sasuke and Orochimaru now, though I feel like I keep saying that. UGH. What the hell are they doing?!

Overall, I give this chapter a RATING of:


It started with some action, got a little slow in the middle, but ended on an exciting note! I’m curious to see where next week will take us. :)

Till then!!

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This chapter jumps into action right from the start so let’s get to it!!

The scene opens with a rushing close up of Obito’s sharingan morphing into the MS. Activating KAMUI, Obito begins sending a barrage of large shuriken at his former comrade signaling the OFFICIAL START of Kakashi VS Obito!!


With reflexes honed from years of battle Kakashi quickly summons his “dog wall,” which we’ve seen him use once before against Pain all those chapters ago.


But though the shuriken are neutralized effectively there is little he can do to stop Obito from fazing through the wall to continue the attack.


So is that wall like the Hokage mountain of the dog world? xD

As Obito emerges we are given a glimpse of Naruto VS Madara taking place only paces away. And things seems to be going pretty much the same as the Wooden Dragon and Kurama continue to entangled each other in a struggle for dominance like some odd mating ritual.

Kakashi can only look on as Obito raises a shuriken intent on drawing first blood.


And Kakashi takes a shuriken to the knee!!

Wait, wait….

Kakashi is prone and Obito chooses to stab him… IN THE KNEE?


Of all the places….


The momentum from the knee-assault knocking Kakashi on his ass, Obito grabs his wrist and tells him to shut up, that everything Kakashi says is trash and has no meaning or sway on him.

He then proceeds to suck Kakashi into his box-world dimension where his former ally is unceremoniously deposited. On his back and breathing heavily, Kakashi reflects on the Obito he knew so well from childhood and the one that now threatens the fate of the world.


The flashback (oh yes… moar flashbacks) is the standard Kakashi Gaiden scene that’s been shown many, many, many times before. But as it represents a critical time for both Kakashi and Obito’s character development we are shown it again in juxtaposition to the older, colder, bitter Obito who is very much a stranger to Kakashi.

Raising a hand to his face, Kakashi grapples with the knowledge that despite the changes in his childhood friend, Obito still remains right on the money in his assessment of him.



As Kakashi some how preforms KAMUI again, the scene switches over to Naruto and Madara as the latter’s Wood Dragon bites down hard on Kurama’s neck causing Naruto to curse loudly. Killer B and Guy can only watch as their comrades become overwhelmed and Kurama’s energy form begins to waver and fade as the Dragon absorbs it.


Watching this, it makes more since now how Hashirama was specifically able to “tame” and collect so many of the Bijuu with ease during his time. He just called forth his “wood dragon”… Heh heh.

As Naruto struggles to maintain Kurama’s form Madara begins to expand his assault to Killer B forcing another curse from Naruto as branches emerge from the ground to close around his friends.


The scene then returns to Kakashi as he successfully uses KAMUI to travel from the box-dimension to the real world!

HOLY MOLEY!! He just keeps getting better and better at using that eye, though I still have NO IDEA how he isn’t dead from chakra depletion. Is he just getting stronger and/or better at using the sharingan by managing his chakra? Or is that Plot-no-Jutsu I smell? :|

Either way, it appears that Kakashi has the potential to use all the eye techniques we’ve seen Obito use, though of course we were never shown Obito using the portal-opening move Kakashi is known for as that would’ve been a dead giveaway for Tobi’s identity…


Kakashi returns to questioning Obito in his efforts to understand how his long-lost comrade turned into such an asshole.



Kakashi - you’re killing me!!!

Obito just said “because you let Rin die!” You even had a flashback to it!!

This mention of Rin seems to have a similar effect on Obito as he dashes forward to continue the assault on Kakashi beginning with a WICKED knee to the face and a stab in the chest with a large shuriken.

Punctuating these attacks, Kakashi relives more flashbacks from Gaiden (which I won’t torture you with) as he continues to struggle with the gaping expanse between this Obito and the one he remembers.

The Uchiha in question lands a brutal bunch to the gut and Kakashi, physically and mentally dazed can do little in response. Only when Obito reaches for a second shuriken does he finally seem to snap to reality, but too late as Obito rakes the weapons across his chest.


There’s a pause in the action as Kakashi drops to his knees and Obito hefts a shuriken, repeating that trash should just “shut up and die.” But at this point, why hasn’t he out right killed Kakashi yet if he’s so intent? He could have easily lopped his head off in their first exchange instead of stabbing his knee and throwing him into box-land.

Could this mean Obito may still harbors deeply buried sentiments towards his old friend? Or is he just playing with his food like another Uchiha we know?

It’s hard to say, but Obito is caught off guard as Kakashi wheezes out his assent that he IS trash; trash for not being able to keep his promise.


Hmmm that’s a very inward look Obito is making. Perhaps Kakashi’s words ARE stirring something long ago set aside and ignored in Obito…

Bowing his head, a quite chuckles escapes from Obito in response.


Whatever that look may have meant, it appears Obito’s brainwashing is still in full effect!

From his position in the air, Naruto can see that Kakashi is in trouble and as is Killer B, Hachibi and Guy as Madara drops down near them.

Speaking to Obito, Madara references his next targets and he says his first lines in the chapter.


Summing his Susanoo, Madara states he will clear the battlefield as Obito informs Kakashi that those who are born into this world and its “cycle of trash” cannot escape it, so he will create a new world.

Nothing new here for us the readers, but these words, spoken so high-and-mighty with such assurance pushes Naruto’s rage to the boiling point.


In a flash Naruto disappears as Madara’s Susanoo’s sword thrusts towards Bee and Obito’s shuriken slices through the air toward Kakashi.


Naruto and his clone -which he can now use cuz Kurama and himself are willing and able to exchange chakra freely- step in just in time to save their friends. And in true protagonist fashion, Naruto yells out his resolve!


Naruto’s impassioned words inspire hope and renew vigor in his comrades, and Kakashi in particular is taken aback as these are the very words he once spoke to Naruto, originally spoken to him by an old Uchiha comrade.


Madara and Obito begin a second attack as Naruto holds down their first, but Kakashi and Guy are ready this time as the former activates RAIKIRI and the latter HIRUDORA.


What a bad ass dual panel!!

And if Guy is activating this move that means his 7th Gate is open…! I wonder if he’ll push himself to the 8th, yikes!

Though both of these attacks will no doubt be ineffective, it’s the spirit of the action that is important as it reunites the “good guys” under one resolve.

The chapter ends with Kakashi appearing to finally come to grips with Obito and the change in his character. After hearing Naruto’s words - his words, Obito’s words - Kakashi realizes that the hope Obito once gave him is now gone in the man himself, and that it now resides inside Naruto. Though Obito’s spirit may have changed, his will lives on.


I’m not sure how exactly Kakashi plans to protect Naruto as he couldn’t even protect himself this whole chapter… But hey! At least the Mazou finally showed up! “Don’t forget about me guys!”

This chapter had A LOT of action but served primarily to develop the plot rather than execute it. We didn’t learn anything new really, we just got character interaction and the reaffirmation of resolves for everyone! Except for Madara because he’s too boss to need reminding.

Kakashi seems to have finally accepted that he may not know what exactly happened to Obito but he now knows enough that this person no longer stands for what his former comrade did. I’m curious to see if Kakashi can keep getting under Obito skin and force out more unexpected feels… And I think the door is still wide open for Naruto to step in later and Talk no Jutsu Obito to seeing the “light.” UGH… Dx

Kishi is working hard to keep the pace of the storytelling moving forward, but I dare say the way this chapter ended leaves a jump to Sasuke and PEDOchimaru more likely than ever! But I guess we’ll have to wait and see! :D

Overall, I give this chapter a RATING of:


Nothing new but had good action and a solid set up for next week!

As always, what did YOU think of this chapter? Too much Bakakashi bashing? Too little? Needs more Madara? (Trick question, ALWAYS!)

Till next week!!

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Woah - long time no see, Naruto!! For a moment there I was beginning to think this series was called “OBITO”. Heh heh, ow.

So let’s get to it shall we?

This chapter picks right back up on the quick pace left off at the end of 606. The scene-switches left the door open to how this chapter might start, but we once again rejoin Obito in his first encounter with the Ame Orphans as “Madara”.


Upon hearing “Madara”s interest in his eyes Nagato eagerly asks what he knows, making it clear at this point they are very much a mystery to him still.

Picking up on this avidity, Obito informs Nagato that he is the Sage of Six Paths’ desire for peace reincarnated (note: NOT the Sage’s actual reincarnation), tying Nagato once again to the Child of Destiny prophecy.

It’s unclear really how many people know about this prophecy so it’s hard to tell if Obito IS actually making this connection or is just using rosy language to get Nagato on his and his society of Zetsu’s side.

But one thing I DO know is Obito really likes to point at people.




With a more than dubious audience, Obito proceeds to give the Ame Orphans almost verbatim the Moon’s Eye speech Old Man Madara gave to him, further emphasizing his role as Madara’s mouth piece and stunt double.

We’re still not sure WHY Madara chose little Nagato to give his Rinnegan to, but the above statement makes it clear his war-torn location was an important part of the equation (along with that whole Uzumaki thing).


Yes, this is really all about getting Nagato on Obito’s side. If THE PLAN is going to succeed at all Nagato needs to be somewhat controllable AND have mastery of the Rinnegan. Obito had his work cut out for him.

It’s clear though that Nagato is very tempted by the promise “Madara” is making about the power Nagato can wield to bring peace -the one thing he desires most. Sensing this, Yahiko is quick to step in and cock-block Obito.


Yahiko proceeds to give his own agenda for achieving world peace by forcing others to experience the same level of pain he and his nation have, there by bringing people together in mutual understanding.

Which is not to be confused by Nagato’s later agenda to bring about peace through the fear of an almighty weapon AKA nuclear bomb - I mean - Juubi (so more like 1000 nuclear bombs). Which is also not to be confused with Madara’s plan to revive Juubi and achieve the ultimate power-up to entrance the world into submission forever.

…Yeah, so there were a lot of plans going around at one time, with Obito at the helm trying to secretly direction everything in his favor. It’s a wonder he was marginally successful at all!


Having had enough of this weird swirly guy, Yahiko leads his fellow orphans away, but not before Obito can put one last bug in Nagato’s ear.


Obito even gives Nagato a very Madara-eque announcement, so similar to the one he received before setting off to save his comrades.


I think it’s safe to assume Nagato began sneaking away to visit “Madara” and learn about the Rinnegan - how else would he have learned about the Gedo Mazou and the fact he can summon it as he did when the orphans battled Hanzou?? And after Yahiko’s untimely death I’m sure Nagato did everything in his power to become even stronger including strengthening ties with “Madara”.


The scene skips ahead to the moments before the attack on the village with Kyuubi, officially confirming that yes, Obito was behind the event. D:


And apparently Obito has gone through enough of a growth spurt to pass as an adult as he no longer wears a Zetsuit and dons instead the Flame Mask of Tobi.

I wonder, what happened to Tobi-zetsu?? We don’t ever seen him again!


Kakashi has also clearly gone through a growth spurt as he stands above Rin’s grave in his ANBU uniform. A breezes ushers in the day’s close as his quite moment with Rin is observed from afar by Obito. And wouldn’t ya know, Rin is finally given a last name!! Nohara. But her character development is still no-bueno Kishi. :P

Kakashi moves on to talk to Obito’s grave and we’re given this shot of Rin’s tombstone:


It’s not very obvious at all, but this panel is actually acting as the transition for a mini time-skip. The next panel shows us Obito apparating in front of Rin’s grave and you’d assume this is soon after Kakashi left the graceyard, but note the incense is no longer burning. In fact, it’s nighttime now and Obito has already wrestled control of the Kyuubi from Kushina.


Grabbing the flowers off Rin, his love’s grave, Obito tosses them in the air as he says the words that forever alter the fate of Konoha.



Time-Space Jutsuing away from Kyuubi, Obito stares up to the spot his former sensei stands on the image of his own likeness, which triggers painful memories of the past in the form Obito knows best, FLASHBACKS!


We get to see the moment of his former team’s first day together. The interactions are standard to what we expect now: Kakashi fussing at Obito for being late; Minato being cool and friendly; Rin being kind but generic.


Now who does this remind me of?… Oh yeah.


Man, they’re even winking the same!

I’ve touched on this before, but the reason Kishi is drawing these very striking parallels between his main hero and main antagonist is to drum up sympathy for Obito in our hearts as readers. We know and care for Naruto (this is his series after all) and upon seeing another character similar to him we inherently begin to care for that person as well, even if it is the villain.

I can very well see this as a set up so that when Naruto preforms his Talk no Jutsu we’ll be more apt to believe it when Obito “sees the light.” :| Great.


But for now, Obito’s eyes remain open to the darkness and his feels are smothered by the amount of fucks he claims to give about the world.


And on that note we explode back to the present - YES, the REAL present!! - as Obito’s flashback ends and we immediately rejoin Naruto in his battle against Madara.


Naruto is quick to point out his speed - equal to his father’s - makes attacks like the one above useless. In the heat of his resolve he’s also quick to revert back to a 3rd Grader’s vocabulary of insults. DRRR.



We know what happened last time Madara said that. Kage Sushi Special.



Madara continues to pull out the EPIC SHIT and with the appearance of this Mokuton Dragon it appears his intent is to simply demobilize Naruto to rip Kurama away from him. 


Guy and Bee appear to have been putting up quite a fight against Madara but are both looking down and out. I just hope Guy doesn’t decide to open the 8th Gate, his last resort, or I fear it could be bye-bye Might Guy. :/


As Naruto and Madara begin to rip into each other in earnest, we see Kakashi and Obito jumping aside to avoid the destruction.

As they skid to a stop Kakashi once again asks Obito what he questioned before the flashback.


GEEZ, weren’t you watching the flashback Kakashi?? -_-

In response Obito lowers his head in silence, then slowly draws it up again stating he has nothing more to say to his former comrade.



So it’s going to be NARUTO vs MADARA and KAKASHI vs OBITO! And excellent line up if ever there was!

This chapter was crucial in terms of closure and set up for the story. It finally brought the end of Obito’s long but much need flashback and marked the transition back to “real time” so the plot to move forward.

I’m really glad Kishi began to touch-and-go on events in the flashback we already know the generals about, such as meeting with the Ame Orphans and the attack of Konoha with Kurama, otherwise we’d still be in it! x_x Even Obito fans I think will admit to being anxious to return to the main battlefield.

And now that we’re “live” again, we can look forward to some of the most epic battles in Naruto history!!

And though we received a lot of answers from Obito’s flashback there are still many left, like, WHY RIN HAD TO DIE. And there are many mysteries still to come like, how will the Juubi come into play on the battlefield? What is revealed in the scroll Suigetsu discovered? To whom is PEDOchimaru taking Sasuke to meet?? Always so many questions!!!

Overall, I give this chapter a RATING of:


Had solid structure, brought us back to the main battlefield, and even set up for an epic battle!!




Just try not to think about it!

Till next time folks!!

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10 notes




Let’s jump right into it today ‘cause this chapter suddenly grew legs and covered a lot of ground!!

The opening scene remains focused on Obito as he begins sifting through the gore from his rage-fueled blood bath. Separating himself from his monstrous tree creations he stares intently at Rin’s prone form as Old Man Madara’s words return to him…


And what were once the obscure words of a creepy old man now rush to fill the empty spaces in Obito’s soul with the truth of their meaning.


Hahahaha I love how Obito just walks through Kakashi. Just goes to show how much Obito cared about him at this point… He wasn’t even worth stepping on.


Obito reaches Rin and the scene is dramatically lit, turning the pool of blood a blinding white. Obito stoops to touch Rin’s neck only for his hand to pass through her. Focusing to rein in control of this new ability, Obito determinately places his hand again as if to check for a pulse he knows is no longer there.

More words begin to repeat in his mind, these concerning a particular aspect of the Moon’s Eye Plan that at the present time appeals most to Obito.


Yeeees, most of us figured Rin’s “revival” under the Moon’s Eye Plan would be the dominant reason Obito goes to Madara’s side (because it certainly isn’t the wild cave parties, girls and Hashirama clone entourage).

With sorrow streaming down his face Obito carefully raises Rin forward to embrace her and stroke her cheek. Madara’s speech continues in his mind reiterating his goal to create a world with only peace and love. Something seems to shift in Obito; His eyes dry and he finally speaks.



OOOOOOOOOH these two panels are absolutely STUNNING!! *___*

I love the gentleness with which Obito is holding Rin, and that reflection of the moon illuminating the scene-! Magnifique, Kishi! This is going to look GORGEOUS when it’s finally animated! I only hope they don’t skimp out on the blood.


Glancing back at Kakashi, Obito realized that the faith you put in someone can be easily misplaced, intentional or not. If you want something important done you have too bear it to life yourself.

We then get a little flashback of the series of panels showing Kakashi and Obito awakening MS simultaneously as they absorb the pain of Rin’s death together.


Followed by this panel:


This panel is WAY too easy to over look because it’s made up of images we’ve already seen, but it’s LOADED with important symbolism! The floating panels of Obito and Kakashi - once joined - now appear to slide apart. These former comrades no longer share the exact same pain, no longer view the world similarly. The cut is sharp, symbolizing the disconnection of Obito to his past life and marking the birth of Tobi.

Deep stuff Kishi!


The scene jumps to Obito as he stands before Madara, apparently after explaining his experience and reason for returning.

Madara seems pleased at how quickly Obito has returned as Zetsu clarifies that only he was seen and how Obito left only Kakashi alive.



Obito’s statement here serves to clarify his new view of the world: everything is replaceable.

Again, this in NO WAY justifies Obito’s actions but it goes a long way in explaining the conscious-less violence we can now attribute to him, including the attack on Konoha with Kurama, the slaughter of the Uchiha clan, the death of countless shinobi and the lack of remorse for it all. Why feel bad when you honestly believe you can make everyone you kill “come to life” again later?

You know what you call someone who rationalizes violence like this? A PSYCHOPATH. :|

I know a lot of people are comparing Obito to Darth Vader, but DAMN! Obito is WAY MORE balls off the wall than Vader. At least Vader killed people because he knew it was final. Obito’s just cray-cray.



We still don’t know if this has been all “according to plan” for Madara. But if Rin’s death was set up by my main man to turn Obito to the dark side, then I’m sure that would be explained when the story returns from flashback mode.

Now buckle your seat belts as the next half of the chapter is an unloading of revelations and explanations!!


Clearly satisfied that Obito is securely under his wing, Madara even mentions that perhaps Obito will NOT need to express his gratitude for being saved after all. That by picking up Madara’s torch Obito is demonstrating the greatest form of thanks.

Madara then proceeds to suck Obito into the Matrix where he explains the basics of the Infinite Tsukiyomi.


To add context to the plan Madara then gives Obito a run down of the Sage of Six Paths and the Juubi. But since we, the audience, already know these facts the scene jumps briefly ahead to Amegakure as Obito and Zetsu observe young Nagato ‘n homies.


This panels confirms what we already guessed - that Nagato had Madara’s eyes. What’s important to note in this scene is that Tobi-zetsu is still guiding Obito with knowledge, as I’m sure he, and the other Zetsu’s continue to do for awhile.


Most already knew this too, being that the Uzumaki are a branch of the Senju bloodline.

Obito proceeds to have a flashback in this scene, demonstrating ONCE AND FOR ALL he is the king of flashbacking. Thinking back to Madara’s explanation we get a little insight into Madara’s awakening of the Rinnegan.


HMMMMMMM! So it appears it took a very LONG time for Madara to awaken this ultimate doujutsu! It didn’t awaken immediately or soon after the Battle of the End as a lot of fans assumed (myself included)!

This flashback serves to jump back to Madara’s lecture in real time as he explains what happened as a result of his new eyes.


Now this explains two things!: What the Gedo Mazou IS, and WHERE it came from. I like to think most people guessed the Mazou looked suspiciously similar to the Juubi.

Madara goes on to explain how the power of the Mazou cultivated Hashirama cells, which in turn formed Zetsu that are clones of Hashirama though they are more retarded than the original.

Madara continues by reaffirming that, YES INDEED, you need both Senju AND Uchiha power to awaken the Rinnegan and handle the Mazou. He assures Obito that he will still be able to manage the Mazou because he at least has Senju and Uchiha DNA. And this again makes me suspect that Nagato must have some Uchiha in him somewhere…!


The scene jumps ahead again as the Zetsu guide Obito in the steps needed to take to achieve THE PLAN.

Followed up by ANOTHER FLASHBACK to Madara’s lesson.


Leave it to Madara-sama to introduce more random Uchiha powers. THEY NEVER STOP!! >:) I wonder if he just made them up.

And at this point the chapter unleashes its final flurry of explanations!


We FIIIIIINALLY find out what BLACK ZETSU is!!! All those who guessed he was connected to Madara can now go join the TOBITO fans in congratulations! I’m happy to say I can join in this round. x) And now I want to go back and watch all of Black Zetsu’s random comments.


Now I think we can guess what this Jutsu of the Six Paths and Inyouton jutsu are as we may have seen them in action already. The former appears to be the ability to physically connect with the Mazou as we saw Nagato do after Yahiko died. The latter I’m guessing is the ability to create a multitude of Zetsu to make, say, a Zetsu Army.



Well, it’s no wonder people are always making such a fuss about will in this series if it can do weird shit like this.

The chapter concludes with Madara breaking off from his life support and sitting down to die. The panels flit back in forth from this recalled scene to the present one as Obito approaches young Nagato. When asked, “Who (the fuck) are you?” Obtio lowers his hood and announces himself as the man who bequeathed to him his namesake.


Didn’t Nagato ever wonder how much Tobi looked like “Madara”? I don’t think you’d run into too many folks wearing a spiral mask. Maybe Nagato was aware that “Madara” was undercover in Akatsuki as Tobi…

This chapter was definitely a mover and a shaker in terms of pushing the story forward. And it did feel a little pushy to me. We got A LOT of information dropped in our laps and though I appreciate that we’re getting answers and pushing forward to get back to the main fight, it kinda felt like being jerked ahead by the hand. I won’t complain too much though as I do look forward to returning to the battlefield! >:)

Overall, I give this chapter a RATING of:


We still don’t know the reason why Kakashi RAIKIRI'd Rin, but I have a feeling that will be explain when we get back to Naruto and friends.

It’s tough to say whether we’ll see more of the Akatsuki next chapter as we already know the basics of how it formed and what not. I’d like to learn why Madara chose NAGATO specifically to give his eyes to. Was he the only candidate?


Maybe we’ll see a convo between Nagato and “Madara” next chapter. But if I had to guess it may actually jump ahead to when Obito gains control over the 4th Mizukage.

So what are your guys’ thoughts on this chapter?? Good drama? Too pushy? Just right?

As always, till next week!!

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