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Anonymous asked: MissART, I have no real questions to ask at the moment, but I really wanted to just give a huge thank you for providing the tumblr and youtube communities with your amazing insights. it's really evident that you pour so much effort and energy to each video you've made so far for each chapter, and it's highly appreciated on my end. i can honestly say that it has enriched my appreciation for the naruto manga so much more. YOU ROCK, and keep these awesome vids coming! Thank you! :D

Oh my goodness!! I feel so fortunate to receive such supportive praise from a message like this!! Thank you so much, dear person!! (๑^ᴗ^๑) I truly do appreciate your kind words and the time you made to share them. I deeply enjoy contributing my thoughts about NARUTO, for what they’re worth, but even I fall into doubt sometimes when it’s quite and all I see is my screen looking back. Hearing that my reviews are enjoyed lightens my day immensely and reminds me it is all worth it!! So truly, thank you again. :) I will keep on doing my best!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello MissArt! You may call me Feanaro. Anyway, I was just wondering what your opinion was on the smaller villages like Ame, and on Kishi not bothering to include them in the Fourth Shinobi War. I kinda found it upsetting that after all that drama with Nagato bringing up the plight of the minor villages and how poor they are compared to the Great Five, they don't even get invited to participate in the War. I mean it's their world too. So, yeah, I was wondering if you gave that any thought. TY!

Hi there!

I think you bring up a very interesting subject! Over the past decade, Kishimoto has built an impressively large, dynamic and fascinating world in NARUTO, but he often does not spend time exploring minor lands, clans and characters, which is really a shame because there is so much potential for storytelling in his world. However, we must realize that Kishi is under the gun when it comes to his writing and drawing. He is creating for his audience, sure, but most immediately he must please his editor, publisher, and the list goes on because he is atop a huge international franchise. For this reason, Kishi simply does not have the flexibility a traditional fantasy writer enjoys to deviant from his or her main characters and/or plot lines. Naruto and friends are who have sold manga volumes, DVD’s and figures up to this point. So Kishi is expected to stick with the program and keep his story focused, especially since he publishes a weekly comic where the typical Japanese fan demographic averages to be 13 years old. 
If Kishi had his way, I would like to think we would learn more about the fascinating “minor” settings and characters in his story because these often serve to breath even more life into a fantasy world. Perhaps when Shippuden finally concludes we can wish for a published volume of assorted tales.
Thanks for your question!!